At Moody Coffee Roasters we use fresh French whole milk from the Haute Savoie to make all of our milky coffee drinks - it's rich and sweet and combines beautifully with our espressos to make the finest tasting speciality coffee in Chamonix! Not everyone likes cow's milk as much as baby cows however (!)....we also provide a selection of alternatives for our vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free clients, or those that simply prefer a change from their regular coffee! 

We're the first coffee bar in Chamonix to use Oatly's original Swedish Oats Foamable milk for Baristas! Naturally sweet and creamy this drink has been specially formulated to foam just like regular milk bringing a fresh new approach to your classic flat white, cappuccino or espresso macchiato.

Next up is 'Good Hemp!' hemp milk - made from, you guessed it, hemp seeds! Great gluten-free and nut-free drink that tastes fantastic combined with espresso allowing the coffee's true flavours to really come through.

Finally we have organic Italian Soya milk - the dairy alternative classic that people just keep coming back for - they've just funked-up their packaging too so it looks great on our counter too!

So we've now got something for everyone - but if you really want to try Chamonix's first local-roasted speciality coffee in the pure - we'd suggest trying it black...Mmmmm...fresh coffee!!!!!