Running our pop up coffee shop at the Chamonix market for the past year has been a great experience. Chamonix is a melting pot of coffee cultures but the one constant is the love of fresh, locally roasted coffee. Some of our customers had never tried specialty coffee before they came to us (let alone freshly roasted beans)!. Their only complaint now is that they can't go back to their supermarket brand! The good news is that it won't be long now until we have our bean shop & espresso bar ready to welcome you daily in central Cham. Until then we'll be at the market every Saturday.

For those of you that are new to this, here are some coffee buying tips: 

*Wherever you are, seek out your local small batch roaster
*Buy in small quantities & buy regularly to ensure freshness.
*Look for a roasting date on the bag & check out the label for origin information.
*Buy yourself a decent burr grinder.
*Enjoy your freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee daily!