At Moody we roast small batches of beans weekly on our probat roaster using beans sourced from all over the world. Clean and interesting single origin coffees and seasonal espresso blends, showcasing the many different flavours that can be discovered in a cup. It’s a different approach to the conventional espresso brewing & roasting styles that you will find in most places in Chamonix. We treat our coffee beans as the fresh product they are and deliver them to you freshly roasted.

Our beans are roasted lighter for more natural sweetness and crisp acidity - this highlights the original and unique properties of each coffee we use and the region from which it is grown. 

The coffees at Moody and those of the growing speciality coffee scene in France and worldwide, have been carefully sourced to ensure that only the best coffee beans are used. We know this because we know exactly where our beans have come from - not just the country of origin - but the very farm or co-operative the beans are grown on - and we know that the farmers have been paid fairly for their premium product in the process